Where the collisions are: City Safety Technology in the Volvo XC60

The infamous bank robber, Willie Sutton, once was asked why he robbed banks and the serial thief was allegedly quoted as replying, "That's where the money is!"

Like, no kidding.

His reply is an urban legend but it has, nonetheless, been used effectively over the years as an allegory as to why people behave the way they do when they are in certain environments.

So, it should come as no surprise when motorists drive in the city events happen there that don't occur as often as they do anywhere else. One of those events is head-on vehicle collisions. More collisions happen there than in any place else. That's where the collisions are according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These accidents cause moderate damage to vehicles and can also result in injuries such as neck sprain, back and head injuries.

Volvo, however, is leading the way in the creation and implementation of "crash-avoidance technology" that may prevent these types of crashes.

The IIHS studied the City Safety Technology which is standard equipment in the latest Volvo XC60 SUVs. Their results show that the new system is preventing collisions during city driving.

In fact, it was 25% lower than most other luxury cars of its type. One in four of collision crashes were eliminated. The driving habits were the same but there were fewer accidents.

The Volvo City Safety technology works like this: The windshield has an infra-red heat sensor built into it which monitors approximately eighteen (18) feet ahead of the vehicle. It monitors day and night whether the driver is paying attention or not. 

Should the vehicles ahead of you suddenly stop and you are driving at only 9 mph (common stop-and-go city traffic speed) and stop suddenly, the Volvo City Safety will actually prevent your car from a collision.

If you are driving 19 mph, City Safety will still hit the brakes and prevent a collision. Even if you are on the phone, chatting with a passenger or distracted in any way, it will still stop the vehicle from slamming into the car ahead of you.

Autoblog.com (http://aol.it/19K2Zmz) was so impressed with it that they wrote a blog on Volvo's City Safety Technology and even dared it to stop before slamming into their boss's car (see their video at the same link).

It passed.    

Soon, City Safe Technology will be standard on all new Volvos. So, you may travel to the city where the collisions are, but if you drive the Volvo XC60 you can drive safely which will make you (and your insurer) very happy.

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