Volvo Roof Rails | Sleek and Functional

Aerodynamic-shaped profile.

Arched aluminum design.

Reduced air resistance.

Minimal wind noise.

Are we describing the Boeing 787 airliner? Perhaps, the new Ferrari Testarossa? Or, maybe the latest carbon racing bike in the Tour de France?

No. Actually, we're describing the innovative roof rails that are found on many newer- model Volvos found at your local Mooers Volvo. As you can see in the embedded Mooers Volvo  "Roof Rails" Youtube video, we take roof rails pretty seriously.

Roof rails must be sturdy, adjustable and secure. They must also be adaptable to all types of weather conditions as cargo could be dislodged under heavy rain or sleet.

Volvo owners are an active bunch, too. They typically carry canoes, kayaks, skis, surfboards, bikes, Christmas trees, mattresses, cargo boxes, cages, furniture and appliances during the year. That's quite a variety of shapes, sizes and weights. 

So, Volvo designed its roof rail options with these features:

1.    Two crossbar models are available using its patented T-Track System.
2.    Load-carrier feet with anti-theft protection
3.    The XC90's silver crossbars are aesthetically pleasing as they integrate well with the roof as well as reducing wind noise making it a quieter ride, whether the rack is full or empty. The roof rails are also compatible with most Volvo accessories.
4.    Arched-aluminum design which is industrial-strength and still attractive
5.    Ability to carry up to 200 lbs
6.    Easy to install and remove

From "weekend warriors" to home builders to garage-sale groupies, we say: bring it on! Volvo has you covered with their amazingly-practical roof racks and they're available at your local Mooers Volvo. Bring your skis and check them out today.
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