What if we said that you could get an average driving range of over 650 miles with a vehicle that gets up to an EPA estimated 37 mpg on the highway? Would you believe that this vehicle is the new 2015 Volvo S60 T5 DRIVE-E FWD?

Although you could just read this page to find out more about what makes up the DRIVE-E powertrain, here's some quick facts:

- It's 4 cylinders of power, combining the use of a turbocharger, and sometimes a supercharger, to get up to 302 horsepower.
- The 8 speed Geartronic transmission allows for the driver to switch it into a mode that allows for the vehicle to coast when conditions allow, saving fuel.
- A whole host of innovation went into the DRIVE-E powertrain, allowing for great fuel economy.

The aforementioned page has a breakdown chart of some of the more popular DRIVE-E equipped models, with an estimated driving range.

To put those estimates into perspective:

Using Google Maps to estimate distance via the most efficient route:

From Volvo of Midlothian to Amelia Court House, to Dinwiddie County, to Colonial Heights, to Chester, to South Richmond, and back to Volvo of Midlothian is approximately 123 miles. The estimated range on the 2015 S60 T5 DRIVE-E FWD is approximately 658 miles... meaning you could take that round trip at least 5 times!!!

With a Volvo equipped with a DRIVE-E powertrain, it may be easier than you thought to leave the gas stations in your dust as you cruise around town. Just be careful to not go too far, or else you may have to make use of the complimentary Volvo On Call Roadside Assistance program.

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