Avoid A Tire Blowout With Frequent Tire Inspections

If you're already taking good care of your tires, then a blowout probably isn't something that you need to worry about. When tires become old, worn, and damaged, however, this is an issue that can rear its head at any time. Beyond being dangerous, blowouts tend to leave Midlothian motorists and their passengers stranded. At Volvo Cars Midlothian, we're eager to share information on preventing blowouts from happening.

How Frequent Tire Inspections Help

Tires tend to be overlooked by many drivers until serious and highly conspicuous problems start to manifest. Small issues such as developing cracks along the tires' treads or sidewalls, however, could indicate that a blowout is soon to occur. Try performing tire inspections once a month, and before taking any lengthy road trips.

Three Signs That A Blowout Is Impending

There are three signs that indicate an impending blowout: dry rot, age-related wear, and damages resulting from improper tire use. If you notice that your tire treads are low, or that your tires aren't properly inflated, have these issues addressed before attempting to cover any serious distance. Come by Volvo Cars Midlothian today for all your tire maintenance needs.


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