Volvo Dealer And Manufacturer Incentives

As if buying or leasing a new Volvo vehicle wasn't wonderful enough, you can make things even better with incredible Volvo incentives. Volvo Cars is known around the world as a vehicle manufacturer that helps save lives. But did you know that we have an equal passion for helping our customers save money? Keep scrolling to learn about all the different Volvo promotions that are available throughout the year, or just jump right ahead to our specially crafted Volvo lease deals to see our incentives in action!

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Understanding the Most Common Types of Volvo Incentives

Once upon a time, you'd scan the Sunday paper automotive section, and you'd see headlines for factory rebates, customer cash, special allowances, and more. While nobody reads the paper anymore (hey, props if you do), these valuable money-saving offers still exist. So let's take a second and look at some of the most common types of Volvo incentives that you'll find at our store in Midlothian, VA:

  • Volvo Rebates - A rebate is a discount off the vehicle's MSRP. This type of Volvo incentive is pretty common as the money goes directly from the factory to the dealership, and the dealership passes the savings straight on to you.

  • Volvo Manufacturer Incentives - These types of special Volvo incentives can take on many different forms. Nearly all of these incentives will be a discount in some shape or form, but sometimes they can be even more intriguing. How does a free trip to Sweden sound? How does ordering a vehicle with features unavailable in the U.S. sound? If you participate in the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program, you'll get all of this and more. Interested? Just ask.

  • Volvo Dealer Incentives - These incentives can apply to new or used vehicles, accessories, and even service items. Made possible at the dealer's discretion, you can see custom discounts and Volvo incentives based on inventory, seasons, charity events, military status, first-time buyer status, college graduate status, and more. The important thing to note is that these incentives come from the dealer and not the manufacturer.

  • Volvo Financing Deals - These special finance rates are available on the purchase of a new vehicle and often a Certified by Volvo vehicle. Rates can vary throughout the year, but the best-advertised rate will depend on your good credit.

  • Volvo Special Offers - These types of Volvo incentives can be seasonal, or they can be partnership-based and exclusive. For instance, if you're a Costco member, Volvo Cars offers exclusive discounts and incentives unavailable to anyone else. If you're curious about what programs are available to you, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our sales and leasing specialists.

You may have also heard of other popular Volvo incentives from time to time known as lease cash, customer cash, and occasionally loyalty rewards. These incentives exist to make ownership more attractive and to add more value for those who choose wisely and stay with the Volvo Cars brand. Fill out our secure finance application to get a jump on securing your best rate and let the fun begin.


But Enough About Volvo Incentives. What About the Vehicles?

We've talked a lot about discounts, Volvo APR financing, and other ways to save. But let's pause for a moment and remember what we're trying to save money on: your next Volvo vehicle.

Volvo Cars has a bold mission to be carbon neutral in the very near future. Ambitious reorganization with manufacturing has now led to all models being electrified with mild hybrid technology. Even if you choose a model with a conventionally powered engine, electrification works silently below the surface to reduce engine stress and improve performance while minimizing your carbon footprint.

If you are new to the brand and are looking for the easiest way to experience all the benefits that this pioneering manufacturer offers, why not take home one of our used car specials? Designed to meet every driver's needs and budget, these vehicles showcase perhaps the greatest Volvo incentive of all - the vehicle.

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