Used Volvo Cars For Sale Near Richmond, VA

Are you looking for a place you can buy trustworthy, long-lasting, and high-quality used Volvo vehicles for sale? Volvo Cars in Midlothian, VA, has an excellent selection of used Volvo cars, wagons, and SUVs. Explore our inventory below, and learn more about what we offer at the bottom of the page.

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What Makes Our Used Cars Special?

Unlike worrying about a car you just bought from a random person, you can feel confident in our used cars for sale. Why? Because we wouldn't allow a vehicle to occupy a space on our lot if we didn't think it was an excellent option for our valued customers in Midlothian, Richmond, Petersburg and Chester, VA.

Before a used car can join our inventory, it goes through a thorough vetting, reconditioning, road-testing, and sanitization process, which is performed by our expert service team. That means that even though you are buying used, your car will look and feel like new.

Additionally, we will give you all of the information regarding your vehicle so that you can make an informed decision. As you can see on our website, there are several pictures, mileage information, MPG information, exact color information, and more listed with every vehicle. You can also value your trade, explore financing, and compare our inventory easily on our website. When you find a couple that you like, come visit us at our dealership! You can test drive our used cars and explore their features before making a commitment.

What Do We Offer?

The exciting thing about shopping for used cars is that your selection multiplies greatly! Instead of choosing between one year, one trim, or one powertrain, you get a large variety of vehicles to choose from. The bulk of our inventory is from the last 3-5 model years, so anything you will find at our store will have great features and options for you.

Our Used Volvo Cars & Wagons

Our used Volvo cars and wagons are excellent choices. You will see a variety of trims, models, and colors on the Volvo S60 luxury small car, the Volvo S90 luxury midsize car, the Volvo V60 small wagon, and the Volvo V90 large wagon. All of these vehicles have a beautiful design, incredible standard features, and will make your daily commute a luxurious one.

Since our models are from the recent past, you can expect to find standard features like a touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, USB ports, Bluetooth®, navigation, satellite radio, and more. We recommend deciding on how much cargo space and passenger room you like so that you can choose between the different sized cars and wagons.

Our Used Volvo SUVs

Volvo SUVs are known around the world for their style, power, capability, safety, and efficiency. Why not enjoy those elements at a discounted price? You can find a high-quality Volvo XC40 compact SUV, Volvo XC60 small SUV, or Volvo XC90 midsize SUV right here on our lot for an incredible price.

These used Volvo SUVs are phenomenal family cars and are built to last. Make every road trip an enjoyable one with the luxury that comes in a Volvo SUV. Enjoy features like a Sensus infotainment system, large touchscreen display, satellite radio, smartphone integration, and a long list of safety technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes used Volvo cars a good buy?

Used Volvo cars are a great buy for their time-tested comfort, sharp looks, dependable engineering, and cutting-edge features that still ring true as modern. This brand has always been dedicated to safety, which manifests in their vehicles' design and driver-assistance technology. Recently, they've also begun to really embrace eco-friendly power, meaning you can find a used PHEV or EV more easily than before. Stop by to view our wide selection and find the model that suits your lifestyle like a glove. We firmly believe you'll get more and more satisfied with it the longer you spend behind the wheel.

What is the best Volvo car to buy in used condition?

Any used Volvo for sale can be the "best" model to buy used, depending on your used-car shopping criteria and personal taste. For example, a used 2021 Volvo S60 can be the "best" for spirited drivers who want a dynamically thrilling sedan; plus, like the 2022 version, it earned IIHS Top Safety Pick+1 status.

Models like a used 2019 Volvo XC90 can be the "best" for luxury-minded families, offering spectacular features at a possibly more competitive price. Visit Volvo Cars Midlothian today, and our passionate Volvo experts can help you find your "best" used Volvo car for sale.

Do Volvo cars hold their value?

Even an older-model used Volvo car or SUV can be a solid choice with strong year-over-year value-holding capabilities. We've seen these capabilities in action many times before, but this brand also ranks high among third-party experts for resale value. Therefore, you can shop with confidence knowing a used Volvo car can be your partner for the long run.

This is especially true at Volvo Cars Midlothian, where each used car gets vetted for quality, reconditioned where necessary, road-tested to ensure it drives beautifully, and finally, shown to you by our experts who can help you make a satisfying decision.

Shop Used With Volvo Cars Midlothian

If there is a model, specific features, color, or anything else you are specifically looking for, please let one of our associates know. Our inventory is always changing, and we would be happy to keep an eye out for the car you desire. By now, you'll already be aware that our used Volvo vehicles for sale are excellent. But are you aware that we offer an incredible Certified Pre-Owned Volvo inventory? The CPO vehicles go through a Volvo-certified inspection and come with additional perks. Whatever suits your needs is what we are here to provide. Contact us to get started today!

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