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Volvo Symbol Meaning

The Volvo logo is everywhere in Volvo brand messaging. It's on the vehicles. It's on letterheads. It's on genuine accessories and apparel. But if you're someone who loves understanding the subtle details and meanings of logos and symbols, then the Volvo emblem has a story you'll devour. In addition to learning about the Volvo logo, we'll point you in the direction of some other trivia-worthy bits of knowledge like how our Volvo mild hybrid systems work and more.

Volvo Logo

What’s in a Name? Presenting the Volvo Name’s Origin

You could be on a roll. You could roll up your sleeves. In life, you could take a roll of the dice or perhaps take all these idioms and roll them all into one (sheesh). If you haven't guessed by now, the word "Volvo" has roots in a concept essential to any automobile.

The word "Volvo" became a registered trademark in 1911 after branding executives took the infinitive of the Latin verb "volvere (to roll)" and conjugated it into Volvo, which means "I roll." Before Volvo Cars was ever born, this name was initially applied to the parent company's first product: iron ball bearings. Coincidentally, their earliest iron products would have a lasting impact on the logo for their automotive company that was beginning to…roll off the assembly line.

The Volvo Logo. A History

You can't miss it. The Volvo logo is on everything related to the brand: posters, stationary, hats, accessories, tools, parts, and of course, the vehicles themselves. At a glance, some of you might think that the ideogram behind Volvo is a male symbol. Hilariously, this is a coincidence. The manufacturer’s goal was aimed at paying homage to a key industrial age product from Sweden: iron.

The alchemical symbol for iron is one of the oldest in Western culture, and in more recent times, such as the Classical Roman period, this symbol was associated with the God of War (Mars). Again, another accidental male association. This 5000-year-old symbol was chosen to represent war and had to do with the metallurgic composition of weapons. Which, as you might have guessed, was mainly iron.

Throughout nearly 100 years of use by Volvo Cars, the ancient symbol of iron has undergone few changes. The old Volvo emblem was similar, but instead of having the word "Volvo" in the center of the Volvo logo, it was offset to the right, trailed by three lines, to suggest motion. Further, the color blue was chosen to represent stability, and chrome was introduced to represent class.

The Volvo logo isn't the only emblem out there to use the circle as a symbol of strength. In fact, Audi uses four interconnected circles to represent the four automotive brands that came together to produce the Audi brand as we know it. Compare Volvo to Audi and other fun facts on this page to see how our circle is better than theirs.

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The Volvo Logo. FAQs. And More

You don't have to stare at the Volvo logo for too long to know that these vehicles are incredibly strong and safe. In fact, the Volvo brand has been responsible for leading safety innovations found in almost every other vehicle today. Some of those features include the three-point seat belt, whiplash-mitigating seats, side-impact protection beams, curtain airbags, side airbags, and roll stability, to name a few. So let's recap with some essential FAQs.

Is the Volvo logo a male symbol?

Yes and no. While the circle with the offset diagonal triangle is a symbol for the male gender, that was not the interest of Volvo Cars. The founders of Volvo Cars were interested in using this symbol for its relationship to iron. A key industrial age export of Sweden's.

What does the Volvo logo mean?

The Volvo logo, as it's used today, is intended to represent the brand's strength & resiliency. With safety as a core value to the Volvo Cars brand, it's easy to see why the ancient symbol of iron was included. Additionally, the color blue and the use of chrome are intended to portray class and stability.

What is the origin of the name "Volvo?"

The meaning of the word "Volvo" comes from the Latin verb "to roll," which is "volvere." When that verb is conjugated into the 1st person singular, you get "Volvo," which means "I roll."

Don’t Stop. We’re on a Roll

Volvo Cars is committed to the future. We've had humble beginnings, but one thing is for certain: We've got our eyes on innovative mobility solutions with sustainability in mind. And that's not just with safer and environmentally sound vehicles. We have developed an entire line of offerings that connect you to the vehicles of tomorrow. For instance, we encourage you to explore the Care by Volvo program. A uniques subscription payment that allows you the flexibility of a lease, with the freedoms of ownership.

Additionally, this mobile-friendly payment structure will be how all future Volvo vehicles are sold, such as with the new Volvo C40 all-electric SUV. So keep your eyes peeled. We'll be rolling out that program soon.

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