Certified Pre-Owned Volvo Car for Sale Near Richmond, VA

Compare all the other brands to a certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle and you'll quickly see our competitive edge. The Volvo Cars brand packs in incredible value in the form of standard luxury, safety, and style that others can't touch. And if they can, it's usually at the expense of high-dollar package prices. Learn more about Volvo certified pre-owned benefits or keep scrolling for model descriptions, key features, and more.

Top Reasons Why You'll Love Any Certified Pre-Owned Volvo Vehicle

Any certified used Volvo vehicle is the sum of thousands of parts. So, in a sense, we could give you thousands of reasons why you'll love anything from our Volvo CPO inventory. That said, we'll stick to the top five reasons why our customers return to us again and again.

Reason #5: A True Luxury Experience.

Have you ever been to another luxury car dealership in Midlothian, VA, but the facility hasn't seen an update since the 70s? Not us. From the time you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted by knowledgeable staff, world-class snacks & refreshments, and many places to lounge and relax while you consider your options. We ensure that buying a car is an experience.

Reason #4: A Fantastic Selection.

Nearly all of our customers are returning customers. This means that when their lease comes to term, or it's time to trade in their beloved family vehicle, we get to offer them to you as inventory. You'll see nearly every model, every trim, in all color combinations. If you've been on the hunt for that perfect pre-owned Volvo SUV, you'll find her here. Speak with a vehicle specialist about what's just come in and might be flying below the radar of our frontline-ready used SUV selection.

Reason #3: Pricing That Makes Cents.

You don't need to wait for a rainy day to save those pennies. You can find meaningful savings on all of our certified pre-owned Volvo vehicles. We comb through every lease return and trade-in. We scout to see what like-vehicles are priced at. From there, we take our customers into consideration first, then we implement a pricing strategy we know they'll love. That means you, too. Pick your favorite model and let us take it from there.

Reason #2: Service You Can Count On.

Remember the last time you went to another dealership, asked a question, and were met with a deer caught in headlights? Our sales and leasing specialists go under constant training in all things Volvo Cars. They'll be able to walk you through all of the models, their similarities, their differences, and what each feature does (and how to operate it).

Reason #1: Also Service You Can Count On.

In the automotive retail industry, they say your customers are only as happy as your shop is skilled. We're proud of our teammates who work tirelessly behind the scenes. They ensure that every certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle comes out the other side ready to go the distance. We're proud of our Volvo Service Center and we know that you'll love working with them down the line.

Have more questions? We have answers. See our top FAQs below:

What is excluded from a Volvo CPO warranty?

More items than not are included in this warranty. In general, the quick list of things that are not covered includes wearable items. Wearable items are general service and maintenance features like tires, brakes, rotors, wipers, air filters, belts, and so forth. If you're looking for a comprehensive list of exclusionary items for your specific vehicle, our service advisors will be happy to send you the list.

What is a certified pre-owned Volvo model?

A certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle is a Volvo Cars model that enjoys continued warranty coverage from the factory. Mainly, all Certified by Volvo vehicles are less than five years old with under 80,000 miles. They'll have passed a highly detailed inspection and service campaign. They come with complimentary subscriptions and limited trials, full roadside assistance, and more.

How much does it cost to certify a Volvo model?

The cost of certification is built into the price of every certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle. You'll enjoy enhanced peace of mind, without having to spend anything extra to make that happen.

Your Certified Pre-Owned Volvo for Sale Is Here

Extraordinary benefits are waiting for you with every certified pre-owned Volvo vehicle. On late-model units, expect to find standard leather, LED lighting, robust ADAS safety features, iconic Scandinavian style, a 5yr/unlimited mileage powertrain warranty, $0 deductible repairs, full transferability, and more.

If you're new to the Volvo Cars brand or are just looking for a recommendation, try a hand-picked used Volvo S90 for sale. This flagship touring sedan comes with exquisite luxuries that outpace the competition. Another competitive feature for this luxurious sedan is the center pass-through in the rear bench. There are plenty of European luxury sedans that don't offer this feature (and chances are, you know the ones). Keep your golf clubs, skis, and other sporting favorites stowed safely within the cabin.

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All prices include factory freight charge of $1,095.00, Nitrogen filled tires for $99.00 and all applicable dealer and customer incentives (only applicable on New vehicles). This price is valid for seven days and does not include dealer installed accessories, tax, registration fees, and $699 dealer processing fee. Please contact dealer to confirm your incentive and loyalty eligibility. Volvo of Midlothian reserves the right to modify this quote to correct calculation errors. Manufacturer incentive programs are subject to change without notice and will be revised accordingly.

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